Taiwan Ceramics – Chinese Ghost Buster

Taiwan Ceramics – Chinese Ghost Buster

Zhang-Hong Chang retains the original texture of the earth, produces simple, simple and natural imagery characters, and creates Luohan and Zhong Rong series of works with the character micro-carving technique. The two are full of contrasting figures, each with its own characteristics, and the ceramic plates are curved to form simple lines. Expressing the body and clothing, the visual effect is like the free-flowing technique of ink painting in the ink painting. It briefly displays the expression of the expression in a vivid way, showing the informal conception. At the same time, combining the practical functions of the incense burner, it creates between the cigarettes. In the “viewing” situation, the viewers can “watch” the works with different moods, and create a new “thinking” method. In addition to the busy life, look for the moment of peace and enjoy the self time. (Text / New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum)
※ Feng shui offers a variety of cures to improve your life. From the use of aquariums to attract prosperity to the use of crystals, fountains, or ceramics for other personal goals, there are many ways you can improve the energy in your home or office with solid, good feng shui practices. Many Chinese people will be placed at the door to face or beside, Prevent monsters from entering is Chinese tradition.

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    • Sky Bubble
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    • Chihuahua
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    • Labrador Black
    • English Coonhound
    • Serbian Hound
    • Finnish Spitz
    • Pharaoh Hound Dog
    • Whole Set


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