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Dear friends,

Recently, a gangster has used our mailbox to post a link to a malicious website. Please do not click on a link from an unknown source.

Note, The URL we provide will never be a short URL.

Our correct phone is Taiwan +886286721401 Not in other regions 04062020193418.

Please be careful not to order and unsolicited messages.

best regards and take care to be safe,

***This is malicious content written by gangsters.***

TTN: / GoBuyCenter | Provide quality goods from Taiwan WEBSITE  SOLUTIONS
This  notification  ENDS ON: Apr 06, 2020

We have not  obtained a payment from you.
We’ve  attempted to  call you  yet were  not able to reach you.

Please  Go To: ASAP.

For  details and to make a discretionary  repayment for services.



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