DreamWire wire artist from Taiwan.

DreamWire-Handmade Artwork Wire Motorcycle

DreamWire is the creator each a famous artist from Taiwan, His work often show it in the news, Everyday at work is in the illustrator Jimmy park next to the train station Yi-LAN Taiwan. If you like his work, You can looking at his Facebook.

Free Download Illustrator Brush style-01

Free Download Illustrator Brush style-01

I hope this brush can help your work. Free Download Illustrator Brush style-01, If you are a designer, This can try to help you increase your chances of getting a brush. Copyright is free and can be used for business use. After downloading, you will see an ai file to unlock the ZIP file. Then […]

My friend’s personality store.

My friend’s their personality store stuffs brought from Japan and of course they came from Taiwan. We will sell goods to them in the future, Most of them are mainly sold in limited quantities and uniquely. They go to Japan every month to find special clothes and accessories, This is very popular, Many people like […]