Solar Butterfly Garden Decor


A beautiful butterfly hovering over your flower, Let you see its beauty and flowers all year round. The small solar panel converts the daylight into energy for the hummingbird and the brighter the weather the more active her flying is. When the skies darken you can switch the energy source to the backup AAA battery (not included) for a constant flying display.
Dispel some insects to the flowers.

We currently have only the last picture of the butterfly in the six colors of the B field on the box.

Pole with Butterfly LENGTH WIGTH HEIGHT
SIZE(cm / in) 23cm / 9.1in 6cm / 1.6in 38cm / 15in
WEIGHT(kg / lb)
0.110kg / 0.24lb

Package includes:
1 x Flying Birds Anchored by a Wire
1 x Solar Panel with Internal Spinning Motor
1 x Plastic Pole
Metal wire length: 24cm

Craft : Hand Painted
Made In China

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You can learn about the type from this, Type and color is limited to B field.

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