United Athle 4253-01 7.1oz Men T-Shirt 100% Cotton


T-shirt Takuroza single-piece bag with personality,
several washing is not easy to damage.

This T-shirt has pockets and is more personal.
Repeated washing several times is not easy to damage.

S/T-shirt with pocket, woven from #4252 material.
The size and position of the pocket design is personalized for the T-shirt, very thick and 7.1 ounces thick.

The weaving trend is to design the direction of the multi-needle, increasing its comfort and quality as well as washing.

100% cotton American cotton
WEIGHT (kg / lb)
0.2kg / 0.44lb

※ More than 5 pieces of 10% discount.

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  • Linen
  • Cadetblue
  • Black
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